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The city was founded on 1 september 1874. It is noted for its tranquility and its beautiful beaches, whose length is approximately 20 km. The permanent population is 3495 inhabitants, increasing tourist arrivals to 30 000 in the summer months (January-February).


The resort owes its name to formerly Cabo Santa Maria was a tip greatly feared by sailors, and from afar because of the amount of rocks and foaming waves, appeared to be the silhouette of a dove.



La Paloma have a Old Town, where the oldest residential buildings near the Lighthouse of La Paloma and La Tuna LAISLA front, a small island whose only vegetation was a tuna in the center, although there is now a pine tree. Around the old town is the new center of La Paloma, with newer buildings that stretch along the main avenue, Avenida Solari. The Alpine-style homes, french design, most are for rent.


A mid-twentieth century this resort experienced a widening, with project architects by Carlos Gomez and Juan Antonio Scasso.2 Gavazzo La Paloma has different beaches with different characteristics (with rocks, with waves, calm waters, deep areas fishing).

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